Embryo Transfer Kataterleri


Firmamız Prodimed marka Embryo Transfer Kateterlerinin Türkiye tek yetkili tesmsilcisidir.

Prodimed, Fransız menşeli CCD kateterlerin orijinal üreticisidir.

  • Echogyn® Embryoview®

    Echogyn® Embryoview® devices feature an outer sheath with 6 circular guide-marks every centimeter, visible regardless ...

  • Full Echo®

    The echogenicity of Full Echo® is afforded by two white areas of different density alternating with two transparent areas throughout the length of the catheter.

  • Full Echo® Pro

    Full Echo® Pro is designed to help visualization under ultrasound guidance and facilitate negotiation of cervical passage.

  • Pearl Tip®

    Pearl Tip® devices include a curved outer sheath with an atraumatic spherical tip, a sliding stopper and 6 circular insertion guide-marks, ...

  • Seren ET

    The Seren-ET® embryo transfer catheter results from 3 patented technologies providing maximum control over transfer conditions.

  • Set TDT®

    The Set TDT® includes an outer sheath with a flexible extremity and 2 hysterometry guide-marks at 5.5 cm and 6.5 cm from ...