Spermac Stain

An easy to Use Modified Pap Stain “Strict” Sperm Morphology (Tygerberg Criteria)


Spermac Stain 4×50 ml – 3 Stains(A,B,C) and Fixative


Spermac offers vibrant staning for clear sperm morphology and assessment Spermac stains the posacrosomal region and the nuclear portion of the head-red the acrosome midpiece, and tail green. This stain permits effortless determination of acrosome-reacted sperm Spermac stained slides can be archived unmounted for at least 5 years Spermac is available in 4/50 ml vials for 150-200 evaluations.


Spermac provides a good definition of the staining for spermatozoa as a clinical assessment of morphology. The stains are evenly applied and provide constant quality which insures reliability and satisfactory staining for these cells. It is useful for photographing and archiving cells. Morphology in conjunction with the other parameters of semen analysis provide a clinical marker in predicting fertilization rates.