About Us

Tani Medikal Ltd.

Tani Medikal is a manufacturing, importing, exporting, distributing and marketing company of In Vitro Diagnostics, medical devices and medical equipment. The company was established in 1996. Our main office and production sites are in Ankara, Turkey. We have a branch office and warehouse in Istanbul. Tani Medikal was the first company to develop, produce and export ELISA kits in Turkey in year 2003 in its ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified production site.

We are very proud of announcing that Tani Medical is offering now a very comprehensive line of unique products: Drug & Anti-Drug ELISA kits. The trade name for these products is ImmunoGuide. These are very useful ELISA test kits for the measurement of drugs (antibodies against TNF-alpha and others) and the antibody against these drugs (ATI and others). ImmunoGuide kits were developed by a senior immunology professor who is the member of our scientific team. We are developing more products of this group in order to match with the ongoing development of new drugs. You will find detailed information about these products in our website.

Along with our knowledge and experience in Biotechnology field, dynamic and professional team, scientific advisers, strong infrastructure and awareness of the needs and seriousness of health sector, we are happy to be in your service.